• “Celebrating” our members

    I have always said that Elite Body has the best members of any gym and once again I was proven right.

    I had the chance to run the Celebration full/half marathon on 1/25/2015 with 18 of our awesome members,1 plus myself  doing the full marathon and all the others doing the 1/2.  These men and women ranged in age from 13-60 and we had 1 1st time full marathoner and 8 1st time 1/2 marathoners.  We all crossed the finish line to the cheers and encouragement of our family, friends and fellow runners.  As one of the last racers of our group to finish, when I came around the corner and all of a sudden heard my name being cheered and shouts of encoragement from this great group I teared up and thought this is what I have worked so hard for at Elite Body.  When Mark said 12 years ago that he was ready to open his own gym, I thought  ” You  are Crazy!”  But our idea was to open a place that catered to our members.  We wanted to get to know the people in our community and grow our business based on two principles:
    Discipline & Consistency.  These two things we feel are the basis for all areas of life.

    I saw these two principles in spades during the last few months of training with many of you.   From knee issues, to torn calf muscle, to heel spurs , back pain and coming back from major surgery.  The commitment it took from all of you as you continued your daily lives of work and family, truly inspired me.  Also, goes to show there is no excuse as not enough time!!  Takes discipline and consistency.

    Some of you started this journey not knowing one another and ended up training togethor or giving encouragement along the way and cheering for one another at the finish line..all because we started at the same small gym in a great community.  On the run as I came up to someone I knew or someone who was struggling,  I would offer a “you got this” or “looking good”, sometimes even a thumbs up or for those I knew a pat on the back and a “lets go!” and I saw many of you all doing the same thing, sometimes this is all it takes no matter the challenge we face, is just to know someone is there to support us.

    Mark and I are truly blesses to be doing what we love for a living and feel even more blessed as we watch our members and friend grow and accomplish new goals in life.  We look forward to many more years of helping you reach your fitness goals and maybe pushing you to try some you may have never thought of.

    Congratulations: Tracy Perrone (1st full marathon)-Tonia Wint, Isaiah Wint (1st 1/2 ), Noel Wint, Christine Bornstein, Cassandra Akins (1st 1/2), Kathryn Steiger (1st 1/2), Jackie Murray (1st 1/2), Jessica Watkins (1st 1/2), LeAnne Aherns (1st 1/2), Angie King, Jerry Boop(1st 1/2), Amanda Earle (1st 1/2), Roxanna Hernandez, Miguel Ciena, Christine Sharpe, Becky Waring (1st 1/2), Marsha Micheal.

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